g r e t c h e n   m a t h i s o n   p h o t o g r a p h y
{frequently asked questions}

I want one of every picture!  How do I get them all?

A set of 4x6 proofs is complimentary with a print enlargement order of $750.  Most clients choose this option so they can have a complete set of prints from their session.  Please note that your order must be placed and paid for during the 7-day period that your web gallery is online in order to earn this incentive.  Although they come as a set of loose prints, many parents choose to put these in an album together as a memory of this day with their children.  Your proofs are printed on the same professional quality photographic paper as your enlargements.  (Please note that holiday cards, birth announcements, CD slideshows, and bulk reprints are not added into the total to earn a proof set.)

Are the slideshows for sale?

Yes, due to popular demand, they are now for sale.  Because the main goal of any session is a collection of prints that will last a lifetime, I offer the slideshow for purchase after a print order of $400 has been placed.  A collection of 3 identical slideshows on DVD (one for you, two for you to give as gifts to grandparents, etc.) will be available for purchase for $200 if a print order of $400 is reached, and for $125 once a print order of $750 is reached.  A DVD slideshow set is complimentary with a $1000 print order, as long as that order is placed and paid for during the 7-day period that your web gallery is online.

  If I purchase the slideshow on DVD, how can it be viewed?

Recently I switched over from offering slideshows that are PC-compatible only, to slideshows that can be viewed on your computer or DVD player.  Slideshows are MP4's, which will play on almost any computer or on a blu-ray player.  (If you prefer a DVD version of your slideshow, please let me know.  I find the MP4 version is a more clear and crisp version of the slideshow, but am happy to make a DVD (ISO file) version if that is what you prefer.)  For more information on MP4 files, please visit:  http://www.tech-faq.com/mp4.html. 

Slideshows are non-printable, set to music, and do not have watermarks over the images.

How long will it take to get my prints?

If you place your order by the date that your web gallery expires, you can expect your prints approximately 3-4 week after I receive your payment.  If your order is received after the date your web gallery is set to expire, please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery of your prints.  Prints may be picked up at the studio, or can be shipped by request for an additional fee.  Please note that during peak holiday season - October through December - print orders may take an additional 1-2 weeks for delivery.

I would like to use a picture for a birth announcement.  Do you offer birth announcements?

Yes!  You have several options when it comes to birth announcements:
1) bulk reprints of your favorite shot to either attach or include with announcements purchased elsewhere
2) a custom-designed birth announcement printed on photo paper or card stock
3) an upload of your favorite image(s) to an online announcement company such as Tinyprints or Minted

Please inquire for pricing for various birth announcement options.

Do you give away the rights to your photos when I buy the print?

No.  I retain the copyright to all photographs I take.  Please remember that scanning, photocopying, and using Picture Maker machines are all violations of US Copyright Law.  (And not only is it illegal, it just isn't very nice to do!)  Reprints are available at any time within one year of your session.  If you wish to purchase the full-resolution digital negatives to the pictures from your session, the price is $2800 which includes a release to print your pictures as you wish, as well as a recommendation for an online lab.  This is an excellent option for scrapbookers, those wishing to create their own birth announcements or cards, and for digital photo frames.

I referred you to my friends.  Do you offer any incentives?

Yes!  For each friend you refer and completes a session, you will receive one 5x7 from a past or future session.  Please let me know which prints you would like, or if you would like to hold your credit order over to a future session.  (Keep in mind that images are archived for one year from the date of your session, and that referral credits cannot be used toward earning a proof or slideshow set.) Because almost all of my business comes to me via word of mouth, I love to reward my clients for referrals!

A 16x20?  That's HUGE!

Actually, it's not!  Many people consider an 8x10 to be a "big" print, but it can actually seem very small on a wall.  For any print you wish to hang, I recommend an 11x14 or larger.  8x10's and smaller are best when framed as desk prints.

I'm pregnant and would like to have my new baby photographed.  What is the best age for a session?

As soon as possible.  The newer the better when it comes to newborn photographs.  The first several weeks of life are so special and fleeting... never again will your baby be so tiny.  Please contact me before the birth of your baby so we don't miss this short window of time!

I want to schedule a session.  How soon should I contact you?

Now!  Depending on the time of year, I am generally booked 3-4 weeks to several months in advance.  The holiday season is exceptionally busy and I usually have to start a waiting list by mid-September, so please consider contacting me early if you are considering holiday portraits.